Virtual Data Rooms: 5 Reasons Your Business Should be Using Them

Virtual data rooms offer businesses the security the store their information with significant lower risk than many local systems while also offering the benefits of being virtual. Here are just five security benefits and offerings that companies can take advantage of with virtual data centers.

1. 24/7 Support and a dedicated project manager

Customers using virtual data rooms can be assured of having 24/7 support and a dedicated project manager to support their projects and protect their data. They will not have to worry about finding answers to questions or finding support should something go wrong.

2. Encryption and custom confidentiality

Custom confidentiality agreements can be put in place to protect all the company’s data and to assure organization leaders that no one working with the data center will endanger their sensitive information. There are also encryption methods in place that have been certified and designed to protect all the information from unauthorized access. The encryption can often offer an even higher level of protection than local systems.

3. PDF security

Many companies use PDFs for a number of different functions. Security measures at virtual data rooms can include features such as custom watermarking can incorporate user IDs, IP addresses, dates, and time to assure the complete protection of the documents. PDFtrak makes it easy for company leaders to have complete control over who has access to their PDF documents at all times, including being able to revoke the access rights of particular users to open files, even after it has been saved.

4. High-availability servers

High-availability servers mean that the servers are expertly networked to provide maximum availability. The redundancy offered also offers users the assurance that any server failures will not be noticed by customers accessing the data from afar. This provide protection for all the data contained and makes it easy for companies to trust the data rooms to hold their information without threat of crashes or system failures.

5. Back-ups

For companies who store their important information on computers, the potential and threat of a computer crash would be devastating. When the information is stored internally, that information might be locally backed up, but sometimes this protection is incomplete. Power outages can also shut down the business. Virtual data centers tend to offer more complete backup protection. These virtual datacenters often back power system backups that allow the servers to run uninterrupted, even during power outages, while multiple layers of redundancy protects the data in the event of crashes.

Those interested in learning more about the security benefits of virtual data centers should speak with a representative to learn more.

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